New emojis are on the way: jellyfish, donkey and the much-awaited pink heart

Additional emojis will be added in September. It’s about many new animals, new high five options and the long-awaited pink heart without asterisks. People have been waiting for the latter for a long time, but as of September you will finally be able to post a simple pink heart.

In September there will be a few again New emoji released in the world. This has to do with the creation of Unicode. It is scheduled for September 13, 2022. Each year, the Unicode Consortium determines which emoji will be added. In doing so, it scans for suggestions from users to compile a list. emojipedia This year’s list can be seen. If you have a proposal yourself, you can submit it until July 31, 2022 via this website

pink heart

The list of new emojis includes some new animals such as donkey, jellyfish, goose and moose. There are also some foods on the menu, such as ginger and peas. There are also hands on the list that are pointing towards each other, and they will become available in any skin color

But the emojis that everyone has been waiting for are among the new hearts. There will be a light blue heart, a gray heart, and a pink heart. So far, simple pink heart with emoji is not available. There are many different shapes of pink hearts, such as two pink hearts flying around each other, a pink heart with an arrow through it, one with a bow and the other with yellow stars. But the simple pink heart, as found in many other colors, was not yet available. But that may finally change in September.

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It’s not certain if these emojis will actually appear, but it’s rare to delete emojis at this point.

View all the potential new emojis on Emojipedia here

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