New network puts neurodiversity on the map in business

Neurodiversity in Business, an international network devoted to neurodiversity in business, today launches its Dutch chapter.

Based in London, Neurodiversity in Business (NIP) was established in 2021 with the aim of creating a more inclusive work environment. The network focuses on the neurological workforce – think people with AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyscalculia, hypersensitivity, dexterity, Tourette’s syndrome, autism and various other psychological disorders.

By sharing best practices in recruitment, retention and support, NIB strives to create neuro-inclusive work environments where neuro-individuals can use their unique skills. In today’s business landscape, they often face challenges and stigmas in finding and keeping a job.

In the United Kingdom, NIP has been a quick success. Currently there are already more than 500 companies in the network. A Dutch chapter operating under the name Neurodiversity in Business NL – wants to achieve a similar presence.

“In a world where one in five people is neurodiverse, embracing neurodiversity is not an option, it’s an opportunity for growth and success,” said Stephanie Raber, Business NL’s vice president of neurodiversity.

“Despite evidence that hiring and retaining employees with neurodiversity can increase employee productivity, innovation and engagement, neuroskills are often underutilized,” said Georgia Kiriakopoulos, vice president of business for neurodiversity at Business NL.

Six Dutch companies – ARUP, EY, PwC, Techleap, LinkedIn and VIA Netherlands – have already joined the network at the launch of the Dutch chapter. They are committed to supporting and promoting the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace.

“Embracing neurodiversity allows EY to bring unique perspectives and ideas to our teams and use them to develop solutions for our clients,” said Saskia van der Sande, EY board member. “By doing so, we encourage collaboration and innovation. We’ve experienced this since the first neurodivergent colleagues arrived at EY.”

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“But – above all – we contribute to our mission of ‘creating a better world of work’,” he adds, “a world where everyone can participate and be respected. The collaboration with NIB-NL further motivates us to pursue a neurodiversity policy within EY.”

The launch of Neurodiversity in Business Netherlands takes place today in Amsterdam.

No two brains are alike

Neurodiversity refers to the infinite diversity of the human brain – no two brains are alike. However, all of those brains can be divided into different neurotypes. People with the most common neurotic type are called neurotypical. When one’s brain processes stimuli in a different way, it is referred to as neuroticism.

The idea of ​​neurodiversity invites you to look at the overall picture of one’s abilities. All brains are different. There is no such thing as a normal or abnormal brain – everyone has strengths and weaknesses. However, since society is traditionally oriented towards neurotic individuals, it can be very difficult for neurotic people to function optimally.

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