New RARIA Single – “This Generation Suck”

Armed with recognizable lyrics where love and relationships form the common thread, Australian pop artist RARIA fights back against the piercing wall. Refinery 29 has already ranked her as one of the most underrated pop artists in her country, and recent singles “Dude,” “Kill You Boy,” and “Happy, Sad” have her audience growing week by week and becoming little by little more international. In 2020, she introduced us to her sweet and fun voice, followed by two more EPs with the names The boys who broke my heart And happy sad. The debut album has yet to be released, but the Australian has now released a new single that fans of Julia Michaels and Tate McCrae will also enjoy.

“This Generation Sucks” has been making the rounds on TikTok for half a year now and is an indictment of modern dating habits. RARIA bemoans the fact that nobody takes you seriously and sings that she longs for a relationship like the ones presented in the movies: ‘Twenty-five thought I’d be engaged now, but I’m still sleeping on my parents’ couch,’ she sings, somewhat distraught. A few soft strings and a fluid percussion accompany the song, and the song gets lost, but never quite explodes in. However, that doesn’t feel like a loss, because RARIA’s latest single is also a lovely — slightly less energetic than previous singles — worthy pop ballad. Definitely a place on your playlist.

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