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fortniteThe popular game from Epic Games is ready for the third season of Chapter 3† After the end of last weekend’s season, in which players defeat enemy soldiers with the help of a large bot, a period of festive harmony erupts. All this is new on the island.

fortnite It largely revolves around the battle royale mode. In it, a hundred people are dropped on an island, after which they fight each other until one person or one team remains. Then it starts again.

The complex story on the island is told in several chapters. These seasons are again divided into seasons, which last for months. At the end of the season, you follow an amazing mission and the next season begins. Epic Games continues to make adjustments to the island to tell a new part of the story.

Viben on a regenerating island

The new season of fortnite bears the name percussion instrument† Focuses on reaching harmony after defeating enemy forces. There is a lot of color on the island, including the real Rave Cave where loud music blasts over the illuminated floors.

There is also a large roller coaster park. You can move them with Ballers: balls with a chair that roll on the floor. The Ballers previously appeared in fortnite

In the new Reality Falls area, there is a huge luminous tree among the large mushrooms. In that area, everything is glowing – even the current in the water is a bright color. In addition, you can plant special seeds for planting a tree. Items such as weapons and armor will be attached to that tree that can be used in the game.

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Riding wolves and pigs

Wild animals have always been on the island, but in this season you can tame them. If wolves or boars come to you, you can jump on them. Once tamed, you can ride them too.

Animals, among other things, offer a speed boost, allowing you to smash enemies. And while riding wolves or boars, others can still be shot.

New weapons (and the end of old weapons)

Epic Games has changed the weapons available on the island. For example, the powerful roller hunting rifle has been removed from the game. New is the Hammer Assault Rifle, which is suitable for different distances. There is also a dual hunting rifle, with which you can shoot twice with the press of a button. A designated marksman (DMR) rifle is similar to a sniper, but it shoots faster.

Savings for Darth Vader

People who purchase a Battle Pass can play this season for several add-ons. There are seven new characters to unlock. One of them is Snap, whose limbs can be exchanged by collecting cards in the game world. For example, you can replace the head with a tomato or a toothbrush.

Players who reach Level 10 in the Battle Pass can unlock Darth Vader. Another movie hero will be added to the game next month with Indiana Jones.

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