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What will the constituency party look like? It’s a question we ask ourselves from time to time, and unfortunately over the years it hasn’t always been able to provide a satisfactory answer. Last year the answer was simply ‘decent’. Off Alpha Games The English released their first tall player in six years and breathed fresh air into the group around Kele Okereke. However, due to somewhat lackluster reception and mixed performances in the charts, “Helicopterwas far in the band’s past. What will the constituency party look like in 2023? The answer to that question seems a bit complicated.

The group is still touring Alpha Games, but currently performs in the UK mainly as a support act for Paramore. Meanwhile, Kele Okereke met Flames Pt.2 released a new solo record in the world, but he assures fans that Black Party is working on a new album. Now the band also drops a brand new single from Black Box, which is mainly aimed at a playful vibe for the coming summer.

“High Life” is a recognizable black party from the first notes, but in a slightly frivolous mood. As we’re used to from guitarist Russell Lizak, the guitar line bounces, but it’s Louis Bartel’s summery percussion that catches the eye. Okereke’s vocals also immediately cut into a soothing tone that lines up all the ducks for a playful single. The chorus has more body, like a summer beach bar guest, but it’s infectious enough to be infectious. The song’s bridge has a nice touch with Bartle’s backing vocals complimenting Okerek’s Burlando nicely. They won’t break the big pots with this little song, but the summery atmosphere and playfulness of the song gives a good feeling. So it seems to be going well with the constituency party.

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