New single “Imagine Dragons” – “Children of Heaven”

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Imagine Dragons is often taken very seriously on the music scene; Something the band has taken care of themselves by releasing a string of bad, weird pre-made pop singles into the world. However, it must be said that a large part of the population could simply enjoy these songs, which is why Americans have gone so far as to allow them to headline festivals such as Rock Werchter. The past year certainly wasn’t as good, although we did find some positive points among lots of confetti and fireworks, which isn’t expected during debut songs. night visions. Either way, those good times will never return, and it looks like Dragons will continue to choose the path of easy strikes.

Today all of that will be a bit less obvious, as a new “Children of the Sky” has been written for the video game starfield. This is partly because forward Dan Reynolds has always been a fan of publisher Bethesda, and partly to serve as the soundtrack in the game itself. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this latest innovation isn’t very successful either. Imagine Dragons keeps the movie calm, as it all quickly falls into cliché. The electronically processed guitar should try to embellish lyrics like “We’re children of the sky / We fly so high”, though on the other hand it’s the mix of overblown noise and hard-to-believe emotion that grabs the attention. . . Imagine Dragons once again excels in nothing but originality, which leads to another predictable and sticky song.

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