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A new gem emerges today in the form of Slowdive’s latest release “Skin in the Game”. As a precursor to their highly anticipated album Everything is alive — the first piece of art to emerge from their creative spheres in six years and see the light of day on September 1st. With the seductive foreshadowing of “kisses” that went hand-in-hand with the announcement Everything is alive, we are transported back to the dream world of Slodiv. The world we now know so well from the past.

In their latest single, Slowdiv’s musical landscape is beautifully laid out. Like a gentle stream, the song caresses you with gentle grace and breathtaking intelligence, a signature of the band that fans have enjoyed for years. “Skin in the Game” puts you in a warm, throbbing haze, while the swirling vortex of pleasure and pain perfectly matches whatever emotional state you’re in. Neil Halstead’s immortal words echo: “I don’t know / You won’t tell now / Because you don’t say / I’ll never ask.” In the fascinating world of Slodiv, there’s always more than meets the eye. The band doesn’t make simple music, but Worlds Disappear. “Skin in the Game” is no exception, leaving you in a mesmerizing spell of sound and emotion. It’s an experience that embraces listeners and anchors them in a timeless moment that you want to cherish as you yearn for more.

“Skin in the game” undoubtedly longs for the stage, European fans will have to be more patient. Slodiv currently has no European tour planned and will focus mainly on the US and UK until the end of the year. But don’t wait just yet, immerse yourself in this musical art, and who knows, maybe there’s a glimpse of the future hidden in the refined notes of Slowdiv’s most recent work, and a promise of what’s to come.

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