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How a gang of Canadians managed to make us feel like they were in an American saloon remains a mystery. However, Dead South has had success since 2012. With cello, mandolin, banjo and guitar, the group presents folk and country music in its purest form. Thanks to the most famous hit “In hell I’ll be in good companyShe was able to make a lot of people blow the whistle. The dead south brings after”Small wooden box“, with his second single from his new album, “A Little Devil.” Chains and bets And he will be fired. This album is full of surprises.

The first seconds of “A Little Devil” indicate that it will be a slower song. The acoustic guitar piques our interest with a playful tone. And then a short silence, after which all our doubts were shattered. The song kicks in and we hear the band’s familiar vocal harmonies at a fast pace. The Dead South is known for its fast pace. However, the cautionary love lyrics and Nathaniel Hilts’ clearly tortured voice do not make for a sad song. Exciting music makes us forget sadness.

The Canadian group brings rock music from the 19th century with all the clichés of the past. The band also does this in their latest songs. The often used trick of pausing the song for a moment and then letting it start again is also not known to the quartet. In “Little Devil” the group does this a lot. If the band dropped this sometimes, the music would get stronger and faster. That will definitely be the case in the latest single. The Dead South leaves something behind, but shows its talents.

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We’ll have to wait until February 9 for the new album’s surprises. This latest song certainly doesn’t show much that’s surprising. The North Americans are trying to make it north of the charts again with thirteen new songs. The Dead South knows how to find Belgian stages, but there’s no Belgian date planned (yet).

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