New Test Tip for Mild Complaints: ‘Self-test is better’

Until now, people with mild complaints had to report to the GGD for testing; The new directive therefore cuts to that.


If the test result is positive, you must be retested for GGD. This does not apply to people in poor health, who should always go to the GGD in case of mild complaints. Anyone with persistent mild complaints, even after a negative self-test, is still advised to go for a GGD.

This change also does not apply to people who must be tested because someone close to them has the coronavirus. They may do a self-test, but they must remain in quarantine, even after a negative result. On the fifth day they should be tested by the GGD. If the test is negative, it can be removed from quarantine, as also described in the current guidelines.

“Research shows that the sensitivity of self-tests in people with complaints is about ninety percent. This is better than what research has previously shown. So obviously self-tests now work better,” says Kloitmans. “In the meantime, we’re seeing a sharp drop in test readiness on the test streets. And that’s worrying.”

test area

“So, the behavioral unit at RIVM investigated how to improve that. And it turns out that if you have tests at home, test preparation will increase by tens of percent. So we can better focus on a test that is a little less sensitive., but it is much easier to perform and gives in the end. Better result,” Kloitmans said.

“Reliability is high. If the self-test is positive, then the probability that this is an error is less than one percent. If you look at the people who tested positive and came to the test street for confirmation, almost ninety percent of those people also had a positive PCR test. .”

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Tomorrow the Ministry of Health will announce the change in guidelines, and the guidelines on will also be updated.

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