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Breda – Mayor Debla inaugurated the new warehouse “The Bay” for Masters brand at Steenen Hoofd in Breda yesterday. The opening ceremony saw more than 200 suppliers, customers and relationships with music and acrobatics.

The new warehouse, located in the Steenen Hoofd in Breda, is over 21,000 square meters and offers space for 30,000 pallets. At The Bay, which also includes workplaces, meeting rooms, and a gym, all areas have daylight and greenery and sustainable materials are used throughout. The bay is completely energy neutral due to the use of electrical installations and the roof completely covered with solar panels.

new era
The grand opening is part of the 10th anniversary of the Masters brand. Brandmasters is a rapidly growing commercial and logistics services company. They ensure that products such as chocolate, sweets, soft drinks and household items are placed in the non-food retail sector. In the Netherlands, for example, they supply Action Centers, Xenos, and Garden Centers. Brand Masters is also active in France, Germany, UK, Spain and Poland and also exports outside Europe.

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