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Do you miss your wedding? It happened to a North Carolina couple after they got stuck in an elevator for more than two hours. The fire brigade finally manages to free Victoria and Banav Jha from their ordeal.

look. This is how the firefighters removed the couple from the elevator

The lovebirds wanted to ride the elevator at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Charlotte last Sunday to go up to the 16th floor. However, this did not go as planned.

“We went up maybe five feet and then — boom — the doors seem to get stuck,” Banff told CNN. Then the doors opened slightly and I saw a concrete wall in front of me. There was nothing behind us but concrete. I thought this is not good. “

Thus Victoria and Banav, accompanied by her sister and three other wedding guests, were imprisoned. “This has been such a blessing,” says Victoria. “I can’t imagine him or me alone. At least we’re together now.”


Fortunately, local firefighters came to the rescue. After several unsuccessful attempts to return the elevator to work again, it was decided to lift the lucky ones with ropes from the third floor.

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Victoria’s sister was the first to squeeze through the hole in the roof of the elevator. There she placed a seat belt around her legs and buttocks, after which firefighters pulled her off. “Now get my sister out first. This is my wedding dress,” she told the rescuers.

“Dinner on revelry”

After two and a half hours everyone was safely on the third floor. The party is already over. “We couldn’t celebrate or see off our guests. It was a drag on the festivities,” said the bride.

Victoria has already received congratulations from the firefighters. Together with their rescuers, the couple took a photo, and the sprinklers later posted the photo on social media. “We weren’t invited, but neither were we to crash weddings. Mr. and Mrs. Jha, we hope today marks the beginning of a long and happy life together.”

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