Nintendo ranks sixth in Metacritic's annual game publisher rankings

Metacritic awarded points to Nintendo as follows (translated):

Ranking last year: 12 (of 45)
Average Metascore: 79.5
22 products (22 titles): 73% good, 0% bad
“Cool” games: 4
Best Game of 2023: The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears (NS) 96

“With another spot on our top 10 list, Nintendo has released more titles than any other publisher on this year's list. But despite the fact that four of those games achieved a score of 90 or higher — clearly the best of any publisher this year — they were banned Nintendo was able to rank higher due to its relatively low success rate of 73%, the lowest of any publisher in our community. The top 10 were.”

The complete top ten looks like this:

  1. Capcom
  2. Raw anger
  3. Cross over all over the world
  4. Dungeon Entertainment
  5. Annapurna Interactive
  6. Nintendo
  7. Access games
  8. Bethesda Softworks
  9. Sega
  10. thunderous

Metacritic works in the following way (translated):

“Which game publishers released the best games in 2023? For the 14th year in a row, we combed through 12 months of data to determine the best and worst game publishers of the year, based solely on the quality of their 2023 releases. Sales and user reviews play no role in these rankings Only critical reviews (as captured in each game's Metascore) are used to evaluate performance.

The publishers in the gallery above are ranked from worst to best based on a points system, which (as in previous years) is calculated based on the following four factors: Average Metascore of all games released in 2023 The percentage of products that scored Good reviews (at least 75), percentage of registered products with bad reviews (49 or lower), and number of great titles (Metascore 90 or higher).”

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