Nintendo’s new Zelda amiibo removes some of the boredom from the Skyward Sword for an additional $ 25

Nintendo launch HD-remake van The Legend of Zelda Sword Towards Heaven On the key on July 16 and back in the run-up to the checks Hyrule Historia – The oldest current item on Zelda’s timeline is also sold, and the new amiibo is also sold. Zelda in Loftwing $ 25 The NFC-equipped statue shows the primitive princess and her fellow bird, but also has the unique ability to teleport anywhere in the game’s floating world and outrun everyone. A sword in the skyLots of annoying quirks for an extra cost.

Travel fast A sword in the sky They are usually only accessible through in-game save points and are remnants of the stiffer Zelda design launched on the Wii in 2011. When the new amiibo is placed on the Switch in the HD version, you can automatically return to the sky to replenish items. Or upgrade something. Return to wherever you are without missing a thing

In comparison: The same wild Amibo Exclusive weapons, armor and sanitary items Within the game rather than adding new gameplay features. An exclusive shield is one thing, but the most frustrating thing is to secure the Quality of Life feature behind purchasing a collectible piece of plastic. Nintendo is already doing a few things to get rid of the more complex bezels A sword in the sky To make it work better on Switch is like introducing sword fights with joystick instead of just gesture control. Why not do the same with the more user-friendly Fast Travel System?

There are possible ways to avoid the low of about $ 85 to get the perfect version of it A sword in the sky. If you want to wade through the simulated dark waters, we have tried methods for it Make a homemade amibo With RFID toaster and some NFC tags. It’s a natural response to selling amiibo quickly, which makes Nintendo more and more attractive and, in this case, useful features for them. If this new Zelda amiibo turns out to be as popular as the previous newspaper Amiibo Cards for Animal crossing You got it, it could become a necessity.

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Amiibo will release “Zelda and Loftwing” on July 16 for $ 24.99.

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