No more new content for the Pokemon-like Temtem, microtransactions are gone

The cloth begins to attack silently Tim Tima Pokemon-like game released in early access in 2020. A final major update will be rolling out soon, but after that there will be no more new content.

Concretely, patch 1.7 will be released in June, with a new season, a new season pass and some new features promised, such as the Arcade Bar.

However, a new phase will then begin, where microtransactions will be removed from the game and no new content will appear anymore. The game remains playable with the return of previous seasons and the occasional patch to fix any issues, but that's about it.

There have been concerns among players about the future of TemTem for some time, and in this regard, developer Crema has now admitted that it handled some things incorrectly. Expectations for the game in particular were probably too high from the start. Many thought it would be an MMO along the lines of, say, World of Warcraft, although Crema always called it “MMO-lite”. However, this concept has proven difficult to communicate and they want to pay more attention to this in the future.

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