Norris is candid about mental health: ‘often depressed’

Lando Norris has spoken candidly about his mental health. The Briton says people who watch Formula 1 on TV “don’t realize the driver is going through a lot” and admits he is “often depressed”.

Lando Norris entered Formula 1 at the age of 19. After years in the junior ranks, where there is of course some interest, but that interest certainly does not come close to Formula 1, he had to prove himself in the great McLaren. There was so much pressure that Norris “felt depressed a lot of the time”.

“People who watch this on TV don’t realize the driver is going through that much,” Norris said. This morningWhere he talks about his mental health. “It’s a bit of a shame, but there are now more programs where you can see how the driver works behind the scenes, and how much stress and tension he has to deal with.”

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“Especially at my age, being 19 in Formula 1, there’s a lot of eyes on you,” the Briton continues. “So dealing with all of this has taken its toll. Feeling like I don’t know what’s going to happen… If things go wrong, if I don’t perform in the next session, what happens? What is the outcome of all this? Will I still be in F1 next year?” What if it’s not? What am I going to do next, because I’m not good at many other things in life?” Norris regularly wondered.

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“And then I get depressed often because when I have a bad weekend, I think I’m not good enough and things like that. When these things build up during the season, and then there’s the social media aspect, this can really hurt you,” Norris said, In conclusion, on a positive note. He says talking to McLaren staff and friends has helped him. “I am better off now. I am happier and can enjoy everything I do.”

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