North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gives news anchor a luxury apartment as a gift: ‘It’s the country’s treasure’


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave a news anchor a spacious apartment in the capital, Pyongyang. Not only did she understand that, according to Jong Un, a woman is the “country treasure.”

Everyone knows her in North Korea, but Ri Chun Hee, too, has been prominent beyond that. The 79-year-old, who has been retired since 2012, is known for delivering the news quite frankly. Sometimes it caused an uproar. Chun Hee, for example, was very excited about the fact that atomic bombs were being tested. The woman also burst into tears when Kim Jong-un’s grandfather died, speaking in a menacing voice about threats against “enemies of North Korea”. She is also strikingly dressed: always in brightly colored dresses.

It should come as no surprise that the North Korean leader was able to appreciate news readers. For this reason, the woman was given a luxurious apartment in the capital as a gift. No one but Kim Jong-un offered her a tour. They walked with their arm into her new home. “It looks like a hotel,” she stammered when she saw her new home overlooking a river in a neighborhood where North Korea’s elite lived.

stunt agenda prop

Despite her retirement, women are still invited to major events. Then she seems excited again. With a luxurious apartment, Jong-un wants to thank her for the services rendered. She seemed to be a country treasure.

The present is a cunning agenda ploy by North Korea. North Korea celebrates Friday the Day of the Sun, Kim Il Sung’s birthday. He is the founder of the communist state and the grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Il-sung died in 1994 and now holds the title of Eternal President of the Republic.

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Kim Jong-un wants to present all the apartments in the complex as a gift to the people who “contributed” to building the country.

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