Notable reworking of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom recently celebrated the end of filming. Director James Wan thanked his crew in the UK, Los Angeles and Hawaii for making sure everything went according to plan.

Of course there will be some re-recordings later this year. But for now, the movie is over and it looks like it’s going to be fine. Meanwhile, Murphy’s Multiverse unearths fascinating details that point to a reworking of a King from the depths of the sea.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom-spit
In Aquaman, Orm asked the kingdoms to recognize him as their ruler. But the king of Prin, the leader of the kingdom of Melhi, refused to kneel. He was about to give up his life to die honorably, but Arthur and Myra saved them.

When we saw him, the salt king’s voice was voiced by John Rhys Davies. It had long been expected that he would return. But actor Anthony Gabriel claims in Mandy, the acting platform, that he plays the character in the movie Aquaman: Necros. And let that be the working title of this movie!

It is not known what is going on. But maybe Gabriel did the mocap for the character and Rhys Davis provided the voice?

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