Obama’s return to the White House forever

It is customary for the US president to invite his predecessor to a ceremony at the White House in which his portrait is revealed. It was just one of the many traditions that the 45th president, Donald Trump, broke. So President Joe Biden called Barack Obama after all.

Barack and Michelle Obama returned to the White House together for the first time since they left in 2017. It was the first such celebration since the Obama family moved into the White House and unveiled photos of George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

Photos of Barack and Michelle Obama are very different in style, although they chose a real one. Robert McCurdy (70) photographed the former president, who specializes in oil paintings of famous people in an almost photographic style, on a white background. In the hyper-realistic photo, Obama looks forward with a neutral gaze. Obama joked during the ceremony that McCurdy refused to make his ears small.

DS VIDEO – Obama brings joke book to the White House.

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A picture of Michelle Obama is the work of Sharon Sprung (69). The former first lady appears in a blue dress on a sofa in the red room of the White House. Sprung said to New York times How frustrating it was to keep the work she worked on for nine months hidden in her studio in Brooklyn for six years.

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