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Belgium ranks eighth among the countries where getting your driver’s license is the most difficult. Quite different from Egypt, for example, where you get your driver’s license at the age of 15, without having to take a practical test.

This is according to a study conducted by zootopia, Online driver training course for drivers in the UK. The company conducted a survey on how its novice drivers operate in 108 countries, including age, test difficulty and cost.

According to the company, Mexico is the easiest country in the world to get your driver’s license because in many parts of the country, you only need to take a written test and you don’t have to prove that you can drive. This seems to be a step forward already compared to the previous one. Before 2018, you didn’t have to take a test at all.

No practical lessons needed

In India, all you need to show for the practical exam is that you can drive forward, turn left and stop. It seems that Burundi and Egypt have very short and simple driving tests. Other “easy” countries are France, Ireland, Italy, China, Russia and Slovakia.

The most difficult country to get a driver’s license is Croatia, where on average you need about 85 driving lessons before you can take the test. It is also very expensive. The other European countries before Belgium are Hungary and Montenegro, with third and fifth places, respectively. The Netherlands is in fourteenth place.

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The 10 hardest countries to get your driver’s license:

1. Croatia
2. Brazil
3. Hungary
4. Bahrain
5. Montenegro
6. Kuwait
7. Chili
8. Belgium
9. Israel
10- Lithuania

10 Easiest Countries to Get Your Driver’s License:

1. Mexico
2. Qatar
3. Latvia
4. Against
5. Canada
6. Estonia
7- Barbados
8. Indonesia
9. Philippines
10. France

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