Older people, health, caring for the mother or rather, grandmother’s meatballs

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But Vegard Bunes of the Millennium Development Goals site in the meatball debate was pretty down to earth, and I had to stick to the keyboard.

Let’s first mention that in the area where the MDG representative resides, there is a lot of good agriculture we can deal with. Lentils and other healthy and good things, and yes, me and the MDG representative, Unni Carlsen, we can eat more of these things and get fiber and B vitamins and more, we don’t disagree. But that is not what this debate is about.

my weakness?

The MDG representative wrote, “Today, every Norwegian eats about twice the amount of red meat we ate when Carlsen was a little girl.”

Does the MDG representative think this number also applies to residents of our aged care home? Because this is the topic of Ooni Carlsen’s post. Not a steak and a taco dinner for you and me.

If you have cognitive impairment, which affects the vast majority of elderly people in our institutions, appetite and nutrition are closely related. You could say that cow is one of the most polluting cows we have and that we can produce more plant-based food per unit area compared to meat until it turns green.

Food as they remember

But it will not be understood. They don’t taste the food the way they remember the mother or wife, or they made it themselves. Yes, it will remain on the table regardless of what the Millennium Development Goals mean.

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I think lentil meatballs can be both healthy and delicious. This is not the point. What this discussion is about is not the foods we can choose for ourselves and what we want to put on the plate. It is about what we will provide for the elderly. Older adults who may have poor appetite and not get the nutrition they desperately need.

Then it is important for them to have the foods they recognize, the foods they want, and the foods they taste like they always do. Stimulates appetite, nutrition and health.

You should eat more vegetables

Yes, many people should eat more vegetables and fiber and get more protein in the form of lentils. I welcome this development. But don’t let the elderly take precedence over this particular problem.

They took upon themselves their social responsibility and created the welfare state that we live in today.

Let them enjoy the work they have done for our community. Let them eat meatloaf.

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