OM is angry at the British about the opening up about EncroChat

In a letter to prosecutors using EncroChat conversations as evidence, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service stated that it believed the UK had damaged confidence in its collaboration on EncroChat. According to NRC Handelsblad, the Netherlands informed the United Kingdom through “diplomatic channels” that information received in that country should have been kept strictly confidential.

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It’s all about the hack that happened last spring in the EncroChat server in Roubaix, France, after which the French gendarmerie managed to make all messages from EncroChat users read and forward them to Europol for several months. These chats are now used as evidence in criminal cases in (among other things) England and the Netherlands.

In Dutch criminal cases, the Public Prosecutor’s Office informed the courts that the French authorities had carried out this penetration, and that the method was a military state secret in France. A Dutch investigative judge received confirmation from his French colleague, according to an important official report from the Public Prosecution Office that has been filed in several pending lawsuits.

“It was jointly developed”

But a crime It was published on 16 March about an article by the British government stating that the method was developed by the Dutch and the French together. These documents roughly describe the modus operandi “by the French gendarmerie and the Dutch investigators who work together”. This cannot be a French state secret.

This case can become very sensitive in Dutch criminal cases. Because the Public Prosecutor’s Office described the Netherlands in an extensive official report not at all Was involved. It was not necessary to verify this, after all: the court assumes, on the basis of the European principle of trust, that no fundamental rights of the suspects in the investigation have been violated.

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If the prosecutor’s official report turns out to be incorrect (entirely), the judges may want to know more about the situation in France and the Dutch role.

On March 24, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the diplomatic complaint to the British internally.

Keeps the secret

Previously published a crime Also about other internal documents and emails from the UK National Crime Agency. Among other things, about the minutes British officials made at the Europol meetings last year in the month preceding the hack. In those meetings, it was found that the Dutch Attorney General had a very prominent contribution. It also became clear that on the sidelines of the talks, information was being shared between countries that should be kept secret and will not be recorded.

In the letter, the Public Prosecutor’s Office cites information from “secret meetings in European institutions” in which “legal and practical forms” of cooperation to uncover international crimes were discussed.

According to the NRC, the OM letter states that the British are accused of providing such documents.

A quick overview of the messages about the EncroChat hack:

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