OMT in its current form will expire in March.

The Operations Management Team (OMT) will hold an additional meeting and then cease to exist in its current form. Here’s what IC doctor and OMT member Diederik Gommers said on the BNR Ask Gommers podcast. “I will stay because OMT is about to expire.”

According to Gommers, he stayed because OMT was about to expire anyway. We had an OMT meeting on Friday. The expectation is that there will be another possibility, after which OMT will cease in its current form. Out of sight is not always out of mind, according to Gommers, OMT can come back at any moment: “OMT can always come back, but it’s OMT that we did for more than two years before Covid stopped. It goes into hibernation. The Chairman of the Board of Directors can contact him at any time if the need arises again. But it looks like we’ll be totally resting next month, so you don’t need OMT for tough advice.

Can’t find anything anymore

When asked if CTB and 1G will also shut down after March 8, Gummers said he finds it “fun” not to think of anything. I don’t feel like an expert on that, so they become very specific infectious diseases, how do they go from pandemic to endemic. For the past couple of years I’ve been working on the clinical picture, immunizations, admissions, what’s going on in hospitals, but these kinds of big decisions, you really need another expert for that.

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Listen to the full episode of the Ask Gummers podcast here

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