On September 5th, it will be clear who will succeed Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party

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The British Conservative Party will announce on 5 September who will succeed Boris Johnson as Leader and therefore Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Today, the so-called 1922 Commission that sets the schedule for the driving race, announced the rules of the game.

“We need a lot of time before we announce the results,” said commission chairperson Graham Brady. However, there is some urgency in finding the new leader. It is not only because of the high cost of living for the British that they need to act on it from 10 Downing Street. Also irritated by Johnson’s desire to remain as acting prime minister until a new leader is elected.

So far, 11 Conservative MPs have said they want to become party leader. They include Secretary of State Liz Truss, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, current Finance Minister Nazim Zahawi, Secretary of State for Commerce Penny Mordaunt, Equality Minister Kimi Badenouch and former health ministers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt. New potential leaders must advance by tomorrow.

Here are some familiar faces:

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    Sajid Javed
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    Penny Mordaunt
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    Rishi Sunak
  • France Press agency

    Nadim Zahawi
  • France Press agency

    Jeremy Hunt
  • France Press agency

    Les Truss

To participate in the knockout race, a candidate must be supported by at least 20 Conservative MPs. Voting in this round will take place on Wednesday. A significant portion of the candidates are expected to withdraw by then.

Of the remaining candidates, all members of the Conservative Party must decide the winner. About 200,000 members across the country will be able to vote by mail next summer.


It is already clear that the contenders will have to distinguish themselves from Sunak, who has already gathered more than thirty deputies behind him. Although he is a good contender, there is also a bit of integrity attached to his name. As a result, his wife, who is not a resident of the UK, was able to avoid millions in taxes when he actually raised tax rates.

Last Thursday, case-stricken Johnson announced his departure from the Conservative Party leadership. He did so after a record number of government members withdrew.

This is how Johnson announced his departure:

Johnson resigns, but remains a leader until a new president is found

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