Oncologist Radboudumc, who was unjustly fired for medical errors, is calling her job back in the courts

An oncologist who was placed in an inactive position by Radboudumc in Nijmegen due to a dysfunction, wants to return to work. She sued the hospital to get this done.

The oncologist worked at Radboudumc for 7 years and was placed in an inactive mode in August 2019. According to the hospital, she was providing poor care. There were complaints from patients and doctors. According to Radboudumc, the conversations to reach better care came to nothing. The hospital has started discharge procedures in court.

Serious mistakes

Radboudumc examined nearly three hundred files of oncology patients. This would show that more than 40 patients experienced major errors, such as wrong doses of chemotherapy and wrong and missing diagnoses.

The Health Care Inspectorate is still investigating a number of these cases. The oncologist also worked without permission for a while, as she was not on the BIG registry.

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    Patients and relatives do not claim that Radboudumc oncologist can not be separated

No medical errors

Radbodomk lost the dismissal decision on the appeal. According to the appeals court, there was no evidence of medical errors and the hospital did not give the doctor the opportunity to improve her work.

The appeals court ruled in September of last year that the oncologist should return to work. Radboudomek has appealed to the Supreme Court. It is not known when this case will be brought.

Ingrid O’men’s mother died after her oncologist at Radbodom made “ huge mistakes, ” she told EenVandaag in July 2020.

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The closest relatives want a disciplinary case

In the meantime, there have been talks between Radboudumc and the oncologist, but they haven’t come to any conclusion yet. With the temporary order, Wednesday in Arnhem, the doctor hopes to soon get back her job.

The oncology attorneys and the hospital do not want to comment on the case. According to some relatives of the deceased patients, it is “unbelievable that the doctor wants to return to work.” They want a disciplinary case against it.

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