One new horse. – “Dentist Virtuosis”

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“And all that jazz…” Today, the Broadway members composed them so beautifully for dazzling music Chicago It is found only sporadically in the genre of music. However, we cannot call that unfortunate, as this gave jazz the opportunity to develop into one of the most open musical genres in the music scene. Everything is possible, everything is allowed. This has also been proven by PAARD. , a frenetic experimental jazz trio full of talent and able to surprise time and time again with their quality tunes. Ish they definitely knew how to prove themselves as well as EP Salmon. It made us curious about more men. Their long-awaited debut album will be released in November and has been tasted three times at the moment.

In that third expectation, they took a slightly different approach than we do at PAARD. To be used in. They test the limits of experimentation without hesitation and go all out for a hip-hop song. This sounds a bit unusual at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it comes as no surprise since guitarist Owen Perry Weston has a background in the hip-hop scene. Weston takes the lead in the song and raps through “Dentiste Virtuose” in a sexy Ghent accent. Partners in crime Wim Segers, on vibraphone/synth, and Sigfried Burroughs, on drums, offer a pile of greasy hits as prop, so we’re actually fully up to date with the new path the boys are taking. If you listen closely, you’ll definitely hear a more distinct band sound, thanks to Segers’ Vibraphone, among other things. Unexpected turn of PAARD. , but that makes us even more curious about the upcoming album!

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