Online Leiderdorp residents start with health and skills

Launch of the Healthy Buell platform (Video: Brigitte Disseldorp)

Incluzio offers a self-help portal gezondboel. Alderman Dan Benendijk opened the Sterrentuin self-help platform on Thursday morning. Leiderdorp residents can now start at home and at their convenience for free with over a hundred training sessions.

on All courses can be found divided into fourteen topics. Courses range from Stand Up for Yourself and Anxiety to Depression. Some courses are also intended for relatives of people with mental complaints. On the basis of films, cartoons, background information and practical tips, participants learn more about the chosen topic. Each training is developed in collaboration with experts and experience experts.

Through Healthyboel’s eHealth, Incluzio creates awareness at an early stage and provides accessible tools for action on topics such as mental health, lifestyle and skills.


Leaderdrop Association

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