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When he was 10, he bought his first piano that he saved himself for. He is now 20 years old and Cairo Basten has released his first single, The Hole In Your Heart, from Cairo Basin.

Cairo said in an interview on DMG Radio that he had no music training: “I didn’t actually take any lessons, so gradually you learn to play the piano a little bit. When I was 16, I also started writing songs and then I was forced to sing as well. So that was only added then.”

no note
He taught himself how to play the piano and sing, but you should not ask him to play a paper composition. Cairo explains, “I can’t read a note. If you’ve been sitting behind a piano for ten years, you’ll know at some point which notes align and which don’t. If you hand me a sheet of paper or say ‘Do this or that,’ I can’t do it. I do everything.” By ear only, by feeling only.”

Although he is only 20 years old, Meijel’s musical talent already has a very mature voice. “That’s what everyone says and I think that’s a very nice compliment. I only got to sing late and I’m lucky because he seems so mature.”

In his normal life, he is rather conservative, but in his words and melodies he shows and hears everything about himself. “All of my songs are a bit sad in terms of sentiment and lyrics, The Hole In Your Heart is one of them too. This song is actually about loneliness and the moments when you are a little depressed.”

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message to myself
Being single is something he had to deal with himself and what inspired him for his first song. “This is like a letter to myself that contains the message: This is not necessary, and it will not help you if you lock yourself in a room or something. So my first song is also an autobiographical song.”

If it was up to Cairo, this song wouldn’t stop and more songs would be coming soon: “Sure, there’s a lot to come. I recorded six songs with Dirk Justin at Nirkanth’s Tribol studio and they will be released in the coming months.” Many of the songs have the same slightly sad sound as his first single, but there are also notable features. “There is only one sound where you can raise your arms in the air. Cairo laughs only if you listen carefully to the words it is really less cheerful.

Cairo’s first single available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes since last week. You can watch the clip “The Hole In Your Heart” below.

Photo: Cairo Basten


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