Over seventy games were showcased during the new Wholesome Direct

A new Wholesome Direct aired this weekend, showcasing a total of over seventy games.

So there was a new trailer for it Announced earlier this week Sandwich caravan. In the game, players travel in their car through a post-apocalyptic world – a planet called Cigalo – and meet people with different missions.

The game has no combat, no ability to die, and no time limit, making it a relaxing experience. Caravan Sandwitch will be released later this year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC. The demo is now available on Steam.

Moonstone Island was released on Steam last year, but the Switch version will be released on June 19, as announced during the presentation. It is an open-world deck-building game where players explore over one hundred and twenty islands and tame ghosts.

In Lost and Found, players must search a hand-drawn world to find missing items – similar to last year’s quest graphics. The game is coming to Steam, consoles, and mobile, and the demo is available now.

Many games are featured – below you can see a number of trailers, and below you can watch the entire presentation.

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