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In any case, the Dutch sports organization NOC * NSF will not independently boycott Russia due to the military attack on Ukraine. According to a NOC*NSF spokesperson, the sport may become part of a widespread international boycott in response to Russia’s invasion of the neighboring country. “But at the moment we don’t have any insight into the measures taken by the government.”

NOC*NSF has been in contact with the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB). The men’s national team plays this afternoon In the World Cup qualifiers in and against Russia. Although the Orange players feel “very uncomfortable” with the situation that has arisen, they still want to play in Perm at 4 pm. The two countries meet again on Sunday, then in Almira. For now, the two matches will continue as usual.

The sport’s umbrella organization is making an inventory of whether Dutch athletes will have to go to Ukraine or Russia to participate in competitions in the near future. “We don’t have a clear overview of that yet, but it seems that nothing significant is planned in those countries in the near future.”

Later in the year, Russia will host some major sporting events, such as the Champions League Final (May 28 in St Petersburg) and the Men’s Volleyball World Cup (August 26-September 11). The UEFA governing body is meeting in an emergency meeting on Friday, among other things to discuss the Champions League final. According to some media, UEFA will transfer her to another country.

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