Part of the bankrupt Perry Sport company taken over by the British group, a number of sports stores are making a fresh start | Economy

British shopping and sports group Frasers Group has acquired up to two dozen stores from Sports Unlimited Retail, the company behind Perry Sport, Aktiesport and Sprinter, which was declared bankrupt at the start of December. Coordinator Kees van de Meent reported this to the Afghan National Police.

The curator cannot say whether the Perry Sport, Aktiesport and Sprinter names will disappear from the street scene due to the partial takeover. “The names have also been bought by the Frasers group. It is up to them to continue with those names or their own names,” says Van de Meent.

Sports unlimited number of hashes Total 54 stores In the Netherlands, where about 1,100 people work. Frasers Group already owns five sports stores in the Netherlands under the Sports World flag.

Van de Meent cannot yet say how many Sports Unlimited retailers will eventually be taken over. “This also means that it is not yet possible to determine which Sports Unlimited Retail store employees are affected by this and who are not,” the coordinator adds.

According to Van de Mint, Frasers Group wants to start with its new stock in stores. “The sale will continue in stores until at least March 1, 2024,” he also said. The curator also noted that some stores may close early if the sale there is faster than currently expected.


The exhibition curator previously said that the company had been making losses for years before a court in Amsterdam declared it bankrupt last month. Until 2016, Perry Sport and Aktiesport were still part of the Unlimited Sports Group (USG), which went bankrupt that year.

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The Fraser Group owns the Sports Direct chain, among other stores, with over five hundred stores in the UK and 170 in the EU. The company also owns the British department store chain Flannels, which has fifty branches in England.

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