Paying attention to the mental health of young people

Publication date: 06/06/2024 at 11:01 am

More than 4 out of 10 Dutch people suffer from psychological problems in their lives. It is good to see that the Netherlands is committed to mental health. Now also with Mental Health Week. During this week from June 3 to 6, attention will be given to young people suffering from mental complaints.

Hey, that’s okay

The “Hey, It’s Okay” campaign plays an important role in drawing attention to normalizing conversations about mental health. The message is: Talking provides comfort when you’re not feeling well. Start the conversation your way.

Vision, Hearing and Support (3G) approach.

It is essential to promote an open conversation about mental health, both for young people and for those who mentor them. In a podcast, Petra and Anas discuss the importance of this and explain how the third generation approach helps: see, hear and support. “Early detection and successful guidance prevent a lot of problems. Sometimes it’s also about the ability to vent. Because if you always pack everything, it automatically becomes a big problem,” says Petra, a youth nurse at GGD West-Brabant.

Circulation to 14 schools

It is encouraging to see schools committed to improving students’ mental health. The third generation approach has now been rolled out in 14 schools in the municipalities of Breda, Etten-Lore, Oosterhout and Zundert. “We continue to discuss initiatives that will help improve students’ mental health.” Adds Ans, prevention and health consultant.


Anse and Petra are committed to making talking about their mental health increasingly normal for young people. Curious about their story? They did a podcast about mental health.

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