Pfizer recommends the third injection against the delta variant

The third vaccination against the coronavirus could provide a massive boost in protection, and also against the more contagious delta variant. Pfizer reports this on the basis of the first studies after the third injection was given. Is this a “we’re a toilet duck” scenario or isn’t it that bad?

According to Ger Rijkers, an immunologist and professor at Roosevelt University College in Middelburg, there is no need to worry about the results of the study being impartial. All major vaccination studies have been conducted by Pfizer itself to date, but they have been carefully scrutinized before they are published. The numbers look good. If you give an extra dose of the vaccine, you will find 5 to 10 times more antibodies than before, which also react to the delta variant.


The professor adds that the vaccine that Pfizer will recommend in the third take does not specifically target the delta variant. It’s still the same vaccine we were vaccinated with the first and second time around. I would have preferred that Pfizer had now started working on the assignment against the delta variant.

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According to Rijkers, two things play into this: making the vaccine is relatively simple, but then you can’t start using it right away. This new vaccine must first be tested and this will take at least a few months. The danger is that you will be left behind, because the delta variable will not be the last alternative that we will have to deal with. This is a consideration you have to do.

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However, the research results are promising, because you are already getting more and better antibodies. So the odds for Pfizer are as good as the two annual flu vaccine producers, Rickers says. This is also modified every year and administered again. If you are the biggest manufacturer and the whole world wants your vaccine, you are on the roses financially.

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