Phantom Liberty pre-load is not available when you purchase the Cyberpunk 2077 bundle

The Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 will be released tomorrow and if you have purchased (or will be purchasing) this expansion with the original game, it will not be possible to pre-load the expansion. That leaves CD Projekt RED To know X.

This data indicates that if you have purchased/purchased this bundle, you will have to wait until the official release tonight. It is then possible to download Phantom Liberty via the PlayStation Store. They apologize for the lack of a preload option, but don’t explain why. If you purchase the expansion separately, pre-loading will be available.

By pre-ordering, PlayStation players will receive the Quadra bonus, but there are also some issues with this. It may not be available immediately upon release, but the developer is working to ensure that players get this reward as soon as possible.

So things aren’t going completely smoothly, Phantom Liberty’s launch on PlayStation, but what’s more important is that players can at least start with the content tomorrow. You can read whether Phantom Liberty is worth it in an article soon.

“Important information for PlayStation 5 players – If you purchased the Cyberpunk 2077 + Phantom Liberty download bundle, you can claim it from the PlayStation Store by clicking Download once the game is released at midnight local time. We apologize for the lack of pre-loading.

Quadra pre-order may not be available for PlayStation initially. This may especially impact which regions the game will be released in first due to their time zones. We are working to ensure that players receive their reward as soon as possible!

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