Pictures emerged of migrants being pushed into the desert by the Tunisian authorities

Libyan border guards gave them water and took them to a shelter. According to AFP, at least 80 migrants have been rescued.

“We lived in Tunisia and then Zarzis (southeast Tunisia). The Tunisian police expelled us to Libya,” said a man who was found yesterday. He told the Libyan border guards: “Without you, we would have died in the desert.” He says he wants to go back to Tunisia because his wife and children are still there.

A journalist from Al Jazeera news channel was also able to speak with expelled migrants in the Tunisian desert. They too have been sent into the desert without food or water. Among them are also pregnant women. It is not at all clear what fate awaits them. You can discover the photos in the report of the Dutch news magazine “Nieuwsuur”. It is particularly ironic that these bubbles only surfaced today, on the day the European Union and Tunisia signed an agreement to stop illegal immigration from Tunisia to Europe.

Human rights organization Human Rights Watch is suing the situation in Tunisia It calls on the Tunisian government to respect human rights and to investigate possible abuses by the Tunisian security services.

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