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He’s the champ last weekend with a very unusual motorway action: Dutchman Henry Timmermans of Nonspett hit a sick woman behind the wheel on the A28. Prevent much worse. The man testified to AD: “I sat behind the wheel like a limp doll.”

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Especially cool photos from the Netherlands show how a woman completely loses control of her car. She was sick behind the wheel. This is followed by the remarkable heroic deed of another driver. The driver drives directly in front of the swaying car, applies the brakes cautiously and allows it to apply consciously. This way the two cars stop quietly along the side.

prevent the worst

Henry decided to do it in seconds. Putting his car in front of the woman knowing that a collision would ensue. “I saw the fender didn’t stop the car either, so I had to do something,” he says. The speed was between forty and fifty kilometers per hour. I dared, yes, to prevent worse. The car had to be stopped. She was hanging above the steering wheel, clearly unconscious.”


If you see someone in need, you need help. Simply. Fortunately it ended well in the end

Henry Timmermans

“The car was swaying at first. I saw it in the corner of my eye,” he continues. “The car passed over the grass, at first I thought the driver had missed an exit. But soon I saw that it was not the case, because the car went straight ahead. I could see from my window that the car was out of control, because the woman was bending over a wheel Driving. That was awful to see.”

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“In order not to endanger the woman and other motorists further, I accelerated a bit more to get in front of her and park my car in front of her. Luckily it wasn’t a big hit.”

Picture of the heroic deed on the Dutch motorway A28. © RTV


Fortunately, Henry knows the unhappy woman is doing well again. I got her contact details from the police. Visited in Harderwijk on a Sunday morning with my wife. Yes, I broke her ribs and it hurts, but she is so grateful that I did what I did. She came out unscathed. It was almost self-evident to me, but I also understand that my actions appeal to the imagination.”

The move led to his car being towed, but that’s the last thing he thinks of. “It’s a company car, and it will be fixed again. I didn’t think about the consequences of a crash at all. If you see someone in need, you need help. Quite simply. Fortunately it ended well in the end.”

Henry Timmermans ran into a car owned by a woman who was sick, thus preventing her from getting worse.

Henry Timmermans ran into a car owned by a woman who was sick, thus preventing her from getting worse. © private photo


Peter van Vollenhof has already noted the heroic act, according to a tweet. His name is associated with the Dutch professor. Mr. Peter van Vollenhoven Bening “has existed since 2012 and is awarded to people who have committed to safety in society and who have contributed to it in a special way.

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