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Prof. Dr. Jaap Sigmons will give a lecture at the De Groot Kerk Academy on the importance of the philosopher Plato from classical antiquity.

Today, the university has become a top-ranked research and teaching institute, but with the downside, it is clear that academic freedom is restricted due to quality and ease of management. No University categorically seeks this free space. But what was it in the beginning? A look back at the beginning of the “Academy”, founded by Plato in antiquity.

Clear lines link the past and the present. The Academy House is the physical evidence of this. Freedom of speech was and remains the basis of what might be called an academic. It requires insight into society and it also requires inspiration.

field of art

Philosophy and art were closely intertwined. After all, knowledge shapes the world as technology. Nowadays, the idea is emerging that all knowledge is nothing more than technology. Time for concise academic thinking along the lines of Word-Music-Image themes, developed programmatically at Academy House.

Wednesday 7 September 2022


8.30 pm



Professor Dr. Dr. Jaap Sigmons studied philosophy and law in Utrecht. He holds a PhD in both subjects. He was also a lawyer and focused increasingly on health law. He is currently a Professor of Health Law, a member of the Health Board in The Hague and a regular member of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. He lives in Zwolle and is a member of the Academy House.

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