Play it: Beautiful Christmas movies are good for your mental health

The streaming services are filled with sweet American Christmas movies and there is also one every day on TV during this time. In all of these movies, two people fall in love unexpectedly, save Christmas or remember what really matters these days. Even though we realize how unrealistic and predictable these movies are, we are still fans and keep watching.

Predictable Christmas movies

Why don’t we get enough of these movies? According to American behavioral scientist Pamela Routledge, the story of the Christmas movies takes us on a very welcome emotional journey, especially during the busy and stressful time of Christmas, which we want to experience again and again. It’s good to see family traditions (which end well) in the movies.

The scientist explains: “The human mind loves patterns and is predictable. These predictable stories, based on the standard patterns we know from fairy tales, provide comfort because life suddenly seems so simple.” This is especially welcome at this time of year.

Psychological health

The unrealistic nature of these films, from the story to the way the film was made, immediately makes it clear that the goal of the film is to escape reality for a while. This allows us to let go of that disbelief very quickly and enjoy the movie. This is good for our mental health, too. Experiencing feelings with the protagonists of the movie makes us feel more optimistic and resilient after watching the movie. As a result, we are better able to handle stress and anxiety.


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