PM Johnson worried about “the United Kingdom”

British Prime Minister Johnson has expressed concern about the unity of the United Kingdom. All parts of that kingdom would be weaker if the union were denounced. “It would be a shame to lose the power and magic of this union,” Johnson said.

In Scotland, calls are increasing for a new independence referendum, especially since the majority of Scots are fiercely opposed to leaving the European Union. In 2014, 55 percent of Scottish voters voted against independence. But in 2016, 62% of Scottish voters rejected the Brexit proposal. The victory of the Brexit camp was due to the English electorate. Brexit, which Johnson has also followed, has changed many Scots on the benefit of the union.

Anglo-Scottish cooperation is very old and was established by treaty in 1707. Ireland joined in 1800, but mostly left in 1922. In the northern part (Northern Ireland) that remained with the United Kingdom, a plebiscite is now called. Proponents believe that a small majority will then vote in favor of joining the Republic of Ireland as a result of Brexit.

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