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The presidents of Poland and Lithuania highlighted the readiness of their countries’ troops in the border area with the Russian province of Kaliningrad. According to the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, many people are wondering if the so-called Suwalki Pass is safe. “It’s safe and that’s because of what you can see here today: the completely calm and attentive daily service of Polish, Lithuanian and NATO soldiers,” Duda said, after visiting the MND in Zieblesski, Poland.

The Suwalki Gorge or Suwalki Gorge, named after the Polish village of Suwalki, is a passage between Belarus and Kaliningrad on Polish and Lithuanian territory. It is also the only land border between the Baltic states and other NATO countries. If Russia takes this corridor, the Baltic states will be cut off from the Allies.

Lithuania has restricted the transit of goods to Kaliningrad due to EU sanctions. This relates to luxury and steel products. Passengers and other cargo can still pass. The Kremlin had threatened the Baltic state with “practical” countermeasures and questioned the borders of Lithuania. Russian talk shows demanded control of a “passage” leading to Kaliningrad, which raised fears of Russian aggression in the region.

Because of EU sanctions, the Kremlin is also preparing for the “worst”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that talks are taking place through several channels to solve the problem of freight transportation. “Of course we hope for the best, but we are preparing for the worst,” Peskov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

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Because of the limited transit, Russia fears that supplies to Kaliningrad will be jeopardized. According to Valentina Matvijenko, president of the Federation Council or the upper house of the Russian parliament, the Russian response will be harsh if a solution is not found. She criticized Western sanctions in general, describing them as unjustified.

She also said, “The imposition of sanctions on transit from one part of Russia to another part of Russia is the greatest insanity, which is not permitted in international relations.” Lithuania and the European Union were warned, it still seems. She did not say anything about the countermeasures that Russia might take.

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