Police impose curfew fines sparingly • The court ruled that the curfew remained temporary

The National Police does not consider it appropriate for members of police units in the three major cities to congratulate William Engel from the truth virus. This afternoon in the emergency appeal of the Hague Court, Engel said that Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague police congratulated him on the court’s decision in The Hague this morning. In a case brought by Virus Truth, the curfew should be lifted.

“The police find it important to be in contact with as many groups of society as possible,” the National Police said. “The police respect the court’s decision, but they do not consider congratulations here. There is still a health crisis and we are continuing to work to prevent the spread of the virus,” he added.

Police in The Hague say a police officer called Engel from his position and congratulated him in his personal capacity. The Hague unit maintains that this is not the position of the police.

Police in Rotterdam confirmed a call. “The police are always looking for contact with residents and especially the main characters. We have appointed several people who stay in contact with Mr. Engel in both good times and bad times. From a neutral location, congratulations have been conveyed because the connection should be warm. That says nothing about him. We think of him, as the police, of this. If Mister Engel does what is not permitted, then there is communication about him, but also if he is personally successful, there is.

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