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PropertyA survey by the research agency Ipsos showed that only 51 percent of the Dutch favor monarchy as a form of government. Just before King’s Day, that percentage was still at 58 percent.

The Ipsos research was commissioned by Republic, formerly the Republican Assembly. On Kings Day, NOS was still the client for scanning.

“King’s Day is traditionally the time for these kinds of polls, but we don’t think that’s entirely fair. President Floris Mueller explains in the ‘additional’ poll that orange bears are already at home by then, and everyone is looking forward to a vacation.” In addition: the confidence of the Dutch in Prime Minister Rutte is not erased once a year, so why would you do it at an institute like the monarchy?

Ipsos researchers describe the drop from 58 to 51 per cent as “significant”. The same research shows that only 26 percent of the Dutch prefer the republic as a form of government. The remaining 23 percent do not know or have no opinion.

Mueller: “We believe that the lack of support for the republic is mainly due to a lack of information and eternal fear on the part of the monarchists. They argue that we have someone like Donald Trump at the helm. While this research also shows: only 17 percent of the Dutch want a president with political power, as It is the case in America and France.Parliamentary republic, where Parliament holds power and the presidency is a purely ceremonial function, as in Germany, 51 percent of respondents consider the best option if the monarchy is abolished.

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fierce protests

In Prinsjesdag and also on Thursday, during a working visit by King Willem-Alexander in Nijmegen, the Portuguese had to deal with fierce protests, complete with middle fingers and boos. Mueller: We weren’t. It seems to me that these were frustrated demonstrators in the government, headed by Willem-Alexander. We do not work against the people, but against the institution. And we’re getting more and more support for that, according to this Ipsos poll.”

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