Pope Francis (86 years old) cancels his Masses due to “mild flu” | outside

The Vatican said it had canceled all of Pope Francis’ appointments on Saturday because the pontiff was suffering from a “mild flu.” The 86-year-old Pope has been suffering from health problems for some time. For example, in June he had to undergo emergency surgery on his abdomen and abdominal wall, and earlier this month he declared that he was “not in good health.”

On a regular Saturday, Francis holds regular meetings with key Vatican officials, including a weekly meeting with the head of the Vatican department that oversees the appointment of bishops. Private meetings are often planned, and today a meeting with the President of Guinea-Bissau was on the agenda.

On November 6, the Pope stated during a meeting with the European Conference of Rabbis that he was “not in good health.” He was suffering from a cold at the time, which prevented him from reading the scheduled speech. Later that day, he came to meet some children and appeared to be in good condition.

Since his youth, the Argentine Jesuit has suffered from health problems. For example, when he was 21, he had to have part of a lung removed due to pleurisy. He also suffers from chronic sciatica, which is nerve pain in the leg. In June, he underwent surgery for a fracture of the abdominal wall. He then spent nine days in the hospital.

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai

The Pope’s next public appearance is scheduled for Sunday, when he is expected to address crowds in his weekly angelic message in St. Peter’s Square. He is also expected to attend the COP28 climate conference in Dubai from December 1-3.

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