Powerful rounds! Ghent’s first outdoor dance poles are g … (Ghent)

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Is pole dancing only for dirty nightclubs? forget that. The sport is hip and for the first time Ghent has two outer poles.

Lotte Roichart

Robot Park already had a basketball court, soccer field, and strength-training equipment. Recently, some striking features have been added: two poles for dancing on the shaft. They came at the behest of the Ghent-Pole Dance School Pole Arena and the 9000Barz street workout community..

Marlis Volkert of the Pole Arena is satisfied: “We are happy that the city is open to less visible sports and also wants to provide the infrastructure for that.”

Nice fitness

Rabotpark is the first place in Ghent where you can dance on the pole outdoors. This makes the life of pole dancers more fun. “Establishing our movable pole outside takes a lot of work and is less stable. We can start exercising right away in a robot park,” Marlis says.

Dancing poles on the pole are a nice addition to existing garden equipment. “They’ve been there for a couple of weeks and they’re also challenging a lot of other athletes. Sometimes we see them hanging off the poles. It’s nice to inspire each other. I recommend everyone to try it out. It’s like fitness, but in a fun way,” Marlis says.

Marlis Volkert

Marlis Volkert © David Van Heck

Exa Gabriella Briceno

Exa Gabriella Briceno © David Van Heck

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