Premier League | PSV Eindhoven wants to lure Wijnaldum back to Eindhoven

Due to his current contract with Paris Saint-Germain, Wijnaldum will have to accept a significant pay cut to return to playing for PSV Eindhoven, but it certainly looks like the attacking midfielder is open to a return to the Netherlands. Wijnaldum said this in AD last week about his desire to “find the fun again”.

Last season, Wijnaldum was on loan to Roma, where he had a poor start. De Rotterdam broke his leg and had to recover for a long time. He eventually played 23 matches in the Italian capital. The Romans still had a buyout option in the lease, which could hold up work in order to return to the Dutch fields. It is not yet known whether it will also be refloated.


Wijnaldum started playing football in the Netherlands at Feyenoord and made his debut there as a sixteen-year-old youth player. In 2011 he moved to PSV Eindhoven and became captain there. In 2015, Wijnaldum won the national title with PSV Eindhoven and then closed the door to the Netherlands behind him.

A new adventure has begun in the English Premier League. First at Newcastle United and then five seasons at Liverpool. There he won the Champions League and the Premier League, among others. After a misadventure at Paris Saint-Germain, Wijnaldum settled in Roma last season, and a return to the Netherlands is now on the table.

Georginio Wijnaldum in a Feyenoord shirt.

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