Premium Destiny The Witch Queen review [Fabulous February]

Games as a Service. They are more than enough. But you can’t play all of them due to their long shelf life and large amount of content. Or you really need to be able to put 25 hours into your day. So the choices are inevitable. Destiny is a game-as-a-service that appeals to our editors. And the Fate 2 He’s been keeping us cute since 2019. That’s why we’ve been looking forward to the new Destiny 2 expansion called The Witch Queen. This is the premium review. Is playing hard? How does the content work? How did we find the base story and was there enough variety in the content that was presented to us? You’ll see and hear it in our featured review of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

Destiny Story 2 The Witch Queen

No doubt many Destiny 2 fans have been looking forward to the new expansion for quite some time. Daan, Koos, and Skate belong to that group. Are they satisfied? Is the story of this new downloadable content cruel? What does it feel like to finally dive into the realm of the Savathûn throne? What does the witch queen bring? The three gentlemen will have a good talk about it. Because they are satisfied with the end result? How did they experience their gaming sessions? Is this DLC worth it? Or is it much less brutal? And what about more? Is the environment greasy? Does the ability to create your own weapons using unique combinations of mods, shaders and stats add anything? Is this fun to do? Or does it take a lot of time and hassle?

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Does the DLC bring enough content?

The main question for the Premium review is, of course, whether we recommend the new extension. Can you play this well without playing the previous DLCs? And how does it work in terms of content? Does it bring enough new possibilities? Or is it all a bit cheesy? Should you spend your money on this? In a month when there are so many other beauties. You can see and hear it all in this excellent review of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

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