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From bucket lists to cyberpunk, a new editor introduces itself.

Life is not a game. However, in this life, we choose the games we live to play (JR Rim).

Bye everyone. I am a new name you will see appearing regularly. My name is Graham and I am 45 years old. I live in the vineyard in the village of Overijs in Belgium.

I was a big player during my childhood, but I haven’t touched a single game in the 25 years since. There were certainly attempts. For example, I bought a Switch in 2017. It was not possible to play a game for more than just five minutes. Not even for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, I’m getting old enough to take a closer look at my bucket list. One of the things that has not yet been verified is the completion of the RPG. I’ve always found these kinds of games very complex. Last year, I finally finished an RPG on my Switch, albeit with a guide in hand. The satisfaction I got from it, however, tasted more, much more. Then the ball started rolling. This satisfaction has almost become an addiction.

Huge backlog!

To satisfy my hunger, I ordered a modified matte black Game Boy Advance right before my birthday. Nintendo 3DS, 2DS XL and Game Boy Advance SP also could not be missing. In the meantime, my collection of games for all my consoles has grown exponentially and the PlayStation 5 has also been added.

While I have a strong attraction to the next-gen console and its beautiful graphics (I’m really looking forward to Final Fantasy 16 and am currently playing Hogwarts Legacy), I have to admit that there is a much deeper fascination with the Nintendo Switch.

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What kind of games are in my backlog now? These are mainly RPGs, such as Live a Live, Fire Emblem, Triangle Strategy, Final Fantasy, and Super Robot Wars. However, I also have a soft spot for indie games, including Dredge, Chained Echoes, To the Moon, and WrestleQuest. I also like to play visual novels (Coffee Talk, A Space for the Unbound, Doki Doki, 999, …).

Horror, horror…and giant robots!

Of course you can already recognize some of the themes from the various examples of my favorite games. I’m a fan of horror, a lot of horror. This is one of the most fanciful genres for me. But I also get instantly sold if there are monsters or robots in it. Such a big Kaiju or towering mech always gives me goosebumps. Moreover, I find cyberpunk very interesting, whether in literature, movies or games. Always with mega corporation as the ultimate enemy and where hackers are portrayed as good rebels.

So much to do!

Besides games I have some other hobbies. I often run longer distances, including the occasional marathon. I also hope to be able to complete a 100km one day. Cycling is also part of my weekly training. Fortunately, I can combine sports with another hobby, which is music. I’m a metal fan with Tool, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails as a holy trinity.

I’m honored to join the Daily Nintendo team and hope to be able to warm you up to some new games and give you interesting impressions in the reviews.

One of my favorite games is Citizen Sleeper which was released last year. This game paints an optimistic and moving view of capitalism and may be exactly what we need in these troubled times. Oh yeah, and it’s set in a cyberpunk setting. Below is one of my favorite songs from the great soundtrack.

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