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Andrew’s right to fully paid personal protection has been fixed after the Queen removed him from his royal duties earlier this year. She did so because her son had been accused of sexual assault for some time and there was a lawsuit hanging over his head. It didn’t take long for him to reach a financial settlement with the alleged victim.

The decision to continue protecting Andrew was made by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royal Family and Public Figures, also known as the Ravec. This committee concluded that the Duke of York still deserved protection due to a security risk. Nothing is known about the content of this menace, but it is known that the King is a regular target of intruders around his home near Windsor.


Ravik’s decision is astonishing because he decided not so long ago that Prince Harry and his family no longer had the right to police protection. Since then, the Duke of Sussex, who lives in the US, and who resigned from his royal duties a few years ago, has had to pay for the protection himself when in the UK.

The last word has not yet been said on this decision. Last month, Harry promised that the decision would be reviewed by a judge, because, according to the prince, it is not transparent enough. Meanwhile, Harry has filed another application for judicial review. This time to reconsider the decision that he cannot pay for state security himself, and therefore can only hire private security.

Wanted Buckingham Palace according to telegraph Don’t respond to Andrew’s case.

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