Prince Harry soon returns to the UK without Megan and sleeps with his favorite daughter-in-law

According to the British newspaper, the prince could set foot on English soil again within 24 hours. Now that he does not have a permanent residence in the country, Harry enlists the help of his favorite daughter-in-law, Princess Eugenie. Ever since Harry and Megan left for the United States, he has lived in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, initially receiving a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth of Sussex.

According to The sun The Frogmore cottage is now divided into two parts, allowing Eugene to isolate himself for ten days without colliding with her husband Jack and their son August. This way, the prince can go anywhere in the country on July 1st. At the unveiling of the statue of Diana on the eve of her sixtieth birthday.

This event was the perfect opportunity for Harry to do something about his complex bond with Brother William. Men set aside their differences that day, sources say. This is the first time the brothers have seen each other since Grandpa Philip’s funeral. Although they speak via text message, the bond is far from being restored.

“There were no personal or good conversations,” one source said The sun. “Only very short and minimal messages. Their relationship is still very tense.”

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