‘Protein hype’: What proteins are healthy for us?

Some people claim that plant proteins are not complete and are less absorbed, especially if you exercise a lot. Proteins are important nutrients for our body. They provide energy and are composed of amino acids necessary for building cells, such as muscles and enzymes that break down food.

Add an egg?

An average egg contains about 6.2 grams of protein. This represents about 10% of what a person needs daily. This doesn’t mean you have to eat ten eggs a day. According to Bragt, it’s about diversity.

Plant or animal?

“Both are good for the body,” Bragt says. “Animal proteins are easier to absorb and often contain more essential amino acids than plant proteins.” This indicates that plant proteins are slightly less active. However, we as Dutch people eat a lot of protein, according to Bragt. “It is important to eat more plant foods for the sake of the environment and our health.” Vegans who eat a 100% plant-based diet still need to take plenty of supplements, Bragt says.

According to Bragt, the optimal breakdown of protein is about 60 percent plant proteins versus 40 percent animal proteins. “This would be perfect for body and durability.”

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