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Young players perform better in League of Legends every time they practice briefly and intensely before they pick up a keyboard and mouse. This is clear from a Stady Scholars at McGill University in Canada.

Twenty young players were examined to reach this conclusion. The researchers monitored how many opponents they could eliminate in the video game, on a specially created map. If they do it with a single attack, they get more points than if they do it multiple times.

On one occasion, they had players perform tasks in the game after they had trained extensively. On other days, players were allowed to immediately start working in the virtual world, without any heavy training beforehand. Not only were opponents erased from the map faster after sports sessions, but it was also done more accurately than on non-sports days.

The scientists aren’t yet willing to extend their conclusions to performance in other video games, and they say more research is needed. But they do point to the positive effects of intense sports on the body of professional players, who often sit and move little.

The authors say: “This study is important because it suggests positive effects on players’ performance after sports. It also demonstrates that games and sports are not mutually exclusive activities. These insights can convince the growing group of gamers to exercise more.”

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